About Us

Our Mission

“To provide a good workplace in a great coffee shop experience.”

We know how cool it would feel to work in a coffee shop. We love the vibe and the cozy atmosphere. However, in a regular coffee shop we don’t usually get the service and experience we need to get a productive work done. We are offered with uncomfortable seats, very few power outlets, slow WiFi, and most of all – you are forced to order food or coffee, even if you don’t like to drink anything other than water.

At Workplace Cafe, we give you everything you need to get your work done, plus the lovely vibe of the coffee shop. You are given lots of power outlets, comfy seats, and fast WiFi. Other than that, we offer pasta, all-day meals, cakes, health drinks and brain food. Furthermore, you can ask one of our friendly staff to do things for you like printing and scanning your documents.

Feel free to drop by! At an affordable hourly rate, you can enjoy all the perks we mentioned. Check-in to us at F.Ramos St., Cebu City, across Metrobank Ramos branch.

Core Values

*Create a welcoming culture*
*Treat the whole team as your partner*
*Make money without doing evil*
*Be ethical to oneself, others, and the community*
*Deliver happiness and celebrate moments*
*Aim for excellence and growth*